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Absolutely! We subscribe to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Codes online via the NFCSS All Access (linked below).

The purpose of these uniform codes are to prescribe minimum requirements necessary to establish a reasonable level of fire safety and property protection from the hazards created by fire, explosions, and other conditions. The fire codes provide details for procedures, methods, specifications, equipment testing, maintenance, design standards, performance, and installation. The NFPA database is available to current SAC students, faculty, and staff.

What are the features of NFCSS All Access?

*NFPA codes and standards: over 300 documents – both current and previous editions.
*Handbooks: current and previous code & standard editions. Handbooks contain full code or standard text in addition to: Commentary written by leading electrical and fire protection authorities; examples of correct code applications; and hundreds of photos, tables, diagrams and charts to help clarify code requirements.
*Annotated Editions: current and previous code & standard editions. Annotated Editions provide expert commentary and graphics to assist with understanding code requirements by explaining the why of the code.
*PDF downloads: Subscribers can download PDFs of individual codes, Annotated Editions, State Code Editions, and the Annual Code Set for offline access.
*User Notes: Add personalized notes online to remember questions or project details for future reference.
*Bookmarks: Add bookmarks to the online content you refer to most often.
*Email capabilities: Subscribers can share content with colleagues via email. The recipient will have complimentary 48-hour access to that code content.
*Interactive search: Enter a keyword or phrase in the search box located in the toolbar to find specific content. Search across all documents or limit search within a document.
*Easy navigation: Access code information through an advanced title search, collapsible table of contents, or tool bar arrows for access to chapters and sections.
*Print options: Print entire code chapters or sections—with or without tables and graphics—or graphics alone. Subscribers can also print their user notes—the text appears at the end of the section/chapter.
*RSS feed: Sign up for the free RSS feed for automatic alerts about code changes.

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