Answered By: Celita Ávila
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Even with all the recent rain in San Antonio, we're very nearly always at one stage or another of water restrictions. So maybe it’s time to start thinking about maintaining your lawn with drought free plants which would save your water bill and would be more conducive to the natural environment!

Xeriscape is a cheaper landscape alternative and helps preserve our most precious natural resource – water. There are books, articles and websites below that talk about the benefits of xeriscape landscaping and the seven principles which lead to saving water. Since we live in an area that is prone to droughts where predictions of more are in the foreseeable future and rising water costs, we need to start thinking about protecting our environment and our wallets.

Here are some other great websites on xeriscaping:

I searched the database called Academic Search Complete with the search term “xeriscaping” and limited it to “Full Text.” Fifty or so results appeared from jounrnals, magazines and newspaper articles. Here are a recommended few:

If your interested in a print format to take home to read, we have several books on the subject