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Natural and Alternative Treatments database was created in 1979 to satisfy the ever-growing demand for accurate, unbiased,and current information on natural health remedies. It contains detailed information on almost 200 different health conditions and the conventional and natural treatments used to treat them, over 300 herbs and supplements, plus drug-herb and drug-supplement ineractions for over 90 drug categories

Herbs and Supplements: The latest scientific information and evidence on natural remedies and their uses can be found in this A-Z Herbs & Supplement guide.

Conditions: Learn all about health conditions and illnesses in this A-Z Conditions guide that contain extensive science-based information on nearly 200 health conditions and their remedies.

Drug Inertaction: Learn about the positive and negative ways in which herb and supplements can interact with medication.

Alternative Therapies: Many alternative therapies have made their way into mainstream, but how do you know what really works? It covers the latest reseach on alternative therapies to help you make an educated decision on whether or not to use these therapies.

Functional Food: You may have heard the phrase "functional foods" but what does it mean? What can functional foods - such as soy, oatmeal, and calcium fortified products- do for us? And should we be eating more of them? Learn about the latest evidence about the benefits of these foods.

Homeopathy: The basis of homeopathy is that a substance that causes certain symptoms in a healthy person can cure an ailing person of similar symptons too.The medical professionals do not believe this practice has any merit. Browse topics that explain the details of homeopathy and thoroughly review the studies done on these remedies for a variety of health conditions.