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I think you have a good topic. I first tried a search in the Academic Search Complete database for:

      wind power

AND (problems OR issues OR drawbacks)

Note: I included the word "OR" because if the search found any of the 3 terms and the phrase "wind power" I wanted to look see the result. (See "Warning," the last sentence in the next paragraph.)

Looking at the articles in the Results List I noticed that there were certain subject terms that sounded like what you are looking for. You could add any of these terms to a search: environmental protection, ecology, claims, nuisances or aesthetics. (Warning...don't include all of the terms which are normally joined by "AND"...the more terms require (AND) to be in the article search on the fewer articles in the Results List. Too many ANDed terms in a database search equals zero items in the Results List.) 

You could also search for wind power AND birds, or,  wind power AND bats...both of these species lose large numbers of individuals to the blades on operating wind turbines. Also, instead of "wind power" you could also search for "wind farm". For example

         wind farm

AND    aesthetics

or search for:

          wind farm 

AND    (ecology OR environmental impact)

I recommend that you check off the option to limit your search to full text items. That way you will have the full article online. If you want you may also select academic (also called scholarly or peer-reviewed) journals to eliminate popular magazines and newspapers. 

Everyone is in favor of reliable and inexpensive or green electrical power, but few want to look at the transmission lines and towers or a wind farm. Some people object to the damage done to the environment...birds, bees, bats, other insects. 

If you want articles from popular magazines, like Ladies Home Journal use either Academic OneFile or MasterFILE Premier. If you want articles from scholarly academic journals use either Academic Search Complete or Academic OneFile. If you want newspaper articles use either Access World News (which includes The San Antonio Express-News) or LexisNexis Academic both of which can be found in the links section.   



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