Answered By: Celita Ávila
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You should try searching in these databases: Academic OneFile, Academic Search Complete, PsycArticles and the Psychology and Behavioral Sciences Collection linked below. You will find all of these in alphabetical order on the A-Z List of databases

You should probably do several searches. For example:

         internet use 

AND    short term memory

After you search for that then try changing internet use to world wide web. You may also want to try swaping short term memory for the term cognition (or even cognative processes)

In the Library's catalog (see link below) try a subject search for any of these terms:  internet, world wide web, or internet use. There are sub-headings;  for example:  attitudes or psychology.

You may also do a keyword search in the library catalog. If you want to connect two terms together be sure to use AND to connect them. For example:  world wide web  AND cognit* 

By truncating the word cognition with the * symbol the search includes all words that start with the letters cognit instead of just cognitive.

Good luck with your research.