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Hi Dino,

San Antonio College does not have information on the location of graduates after they leave SAC, especially when they graduated in 1980.

If your friend was friendly with a faculty member, the sponsor of a club or a teacher in a subject she planned to major in, she may have stayed in contact with that faculty member. 

If you remember what college or university she planned to transfer to you might try to contact the alumni association to see if she is a member. Universities frequently try to contact graduates soliciting donations or asking the graduate to contact state legislators to lobby for funding for the university. In some fields, for example engineering, there is frequently a well-developed network that supports graduates with assistance in finding a job. 

Other options would be searching on for her on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and other such sites. Don't forget to check the images on Google too. Put her name in " "  If you know what her major was it may help you locate her. For example if she was pre-med and you think she became a medical doctor you could search for her and M.D. If she was inclined to do research and may be publishing her research results in journal articles you could try searching for her on Google's Scholar <>.

Her being Japanese means that web pages may be in Japanese characters and not in English. You would need someone who is fluent in Japanese to help you search on Japanese web sites and search engines. On the other hand, do you know if she stayed in the U.S.? If she did she might have married or become a naturalized citizen of the U.S. In this case there would be public records of these events. If you believe she stayed in the United States a librarian who specializes in genealogy would know about public records and how to access them. You usually find genealogy departments in your public library. 

I'm sorry we do not have any information on Mariko Kuroda. I hope these suggestions help you in your search. 

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