Answered By: Stephen Dingman
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Hello Elizabeth,

The American Psychological Association's DSM-5 is your best source.  Delusional Disorder, Diagnostic Criteria 297.1 is found on pages 90-93.  We have this heavily used book in our Ready Reference section, second floor of Moody Learning Center. 

In the meantime the following is according to Dorland's illustrated medical dictionary:


a mental disorder marked by well-organized, logically consistent delusions but lacking other psychotic symptoms. Most functioning is not markedly impaired, the criteria for schizophrenia have never been satisfied, and symptoms of a major mood disorder have been present only briefly if at all. DSM-IV distinguishes six types on the basis of the predominant delusional theme: persecutory, jealous, erotomanic, somatic, grandiose, and mixed.

Good luck with your research.


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