Answered By: Karen Briere
Last Updated: Feb 27, 2024     Views: 10

Yes! While powerful and useful, there are some things you need to know about generative AI:

  • It's not very smart. In fact it's not smart at all. It's basically a very fast version of what you see when you're texting and the texting app suggests words to follow the words you have already entered or when you start typing a search query and suggested searches appear under the search box in response to what you're typing. It knows, for a given context, the words that usually follow each other to make a coherent responsive to your prompt, but it doesn't know anything
  • Therefore the answers you get will sound plausible, but could be wrong.
  • Generative AI will make things up if it doesn't have the information as part of its dataset. When it does so, this is called "hallucinating"
  • The dataset used by the generative AI tool might be out of date (Chat GPT's dataset goes up to September 2021) and therefore useless for current events or up-to-date knowledge on a topic
  • Generative AI datasets are created by humans and can include fiction, jokes, satire, opinion, lies and biased information, so what you see might be biased or just plain wrong 
  • These tools might keep and use any personal data that you enter  

When using generative AI tools:

  • Be aware of these limitations
  • Verify, using sources you know are reliable (or using the 5 Ws method) when given information by generative AI tools
  • Read the terms and conditions of use and any data use & privacy statements that are available

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